Avoid foreign exchange fees like a pro

We caught up with travel photographer Adrienne Pitts to talk about how she stays money savvy while travelling.

Check out the video or read some of her top tips below.

Let your bank know

Some credit card issuers will block your card if they see a foreign transaction come through out of the blue. Be sure to make them aware that you’ll be jetting off so you don’t risk being stuck overseas without a functioning card. If you’re using the Tandem Cashback card abroad however, you don’t need to tell us before you travel. 18.9% APR representative variable.

Get help keeping track

Keep track of your holiday spending by using a card with a banking app that shows how much your spending in pounds as well as the local currency.

Know what the fees are

There are so many cards out there in the market, and even the ones that are specifically for travel have some sneaky fees, be sure to get up to date with how much your bank will charge you for spending overseas.

The Tandem Cashback Credit Card has no foreign exchange fees so it’s a pretty sweet travelling companion. Learn more about the Tandem Credit Card here. 18.9% APR representative variable.

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