Baby budgeting tips

The cost of raising a child has gone up 65% since 2003 - so the hidden and often unexpected costs of pricey gadgets and expensive toys can make a big dent in our budgets.

That’s why we teamed up with blogger and mother Alice Judge-Talbot, who gave us the lowdown on those purchases she thinks you might want to think twice about when shopping for your bundle of joy.

Want even more ways to save cash? We’ve put together a quick guide to saving those pennies – so you can spend your money where it really matters.

Compare prices

Before you impulse buy that expensive wipe-warmer the second you see it in the shop, it’s worth checking whether you might be able to get it cheaper elsewhere.

Shop around a variety of different stores – even if you only make a small saving, it all adds up.

Shop online

Online shopping can also save you money on lots of purchases – so check your favourite websites before you hit the high street.

(This also means you can do all your shopping without even getting off the sofa. Bliss.)

Something borrowed

Siblings or mates had kids before you? It’s worth checking if they have anything they can pass on. Clothes, toys, useful tech – lots of this will just be gathering dust at the back of their cupboards, so check with them before you make an expensive purchase.

Learn to prioritise

What’s important to you? Ask yourself this before you make any expensive purchases. They might look cute, but does your two year old really need that trendy pair of designer trainers? Are they really going to play with an AI-enabled Bluetooth robot more than the box that it came in? Probably not.

Ultimately, we all want out kids to be happy – but that doesn’t have to mean blowing our budgets on high-tech toys.

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