Credit card style

Pick the colour that suits you

We’ve plastered our pink credit card all over the shop. It’s in our social banners, in blog posts, and sneaking its way into emails. We’ve also shown you our black card just for Co-Founders.

What we haven’t shown you is the other colours.

You might ask, ‘What’s in a colour?’ and the answer is nothing tangible. But that’s not the point, two of the three people at this desk considered design when choosing a credit card. They chose function before fashion, obviously, but when faced with multiple options that fit their finances it was aesthetics that sealed the deal.

You carry your cards with you everywhere. They peek out of your wallet. They get flashed at bars, restaurants, coffee shops, supermarkets, petrol stations, and on holidays around the world. They’re a staple of everyday living, so why wouldn’t you want yours to look good?

When applying for a Tandem credit card, you’ll be able to pick one of four colours to best reflect your specific brand of panache.


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