How much are Harry and Meghan worth?

We have a research-based guess at how much we think Harry and Meghan will be worth after the wedding.

Tomorrow, whether you care about it or not, old media and new will be alight with references to Harry and Meg getting married. This is the Infinity War of weddings. The wait will finally be over: the dress, the designer, and the guests will all be revealed. Whilst we'd love to talk about whether or not the cake is gluten-free, that's not very on-brand. Instead, we're asking how much the pair will be worth once they’ve tied the knot.

According to US magazine Fortune, Meghan made $50,000 (£37,000) an episode while filming American TV series Suits, which would amount to around $450,000 (£330,000) a year, not forgetting (how could you) her movie appearances in Horrible Bosses, Remember Me, and A Lot Like Love. Meghan also ran a lifestyle brand called Tig, and previously worked as a clothing designer for Canadian retailer Reitmans.

Prince Harry's wealth is a lot harder to calculate - nobody knows how rich the royals really are. Global wealth and data company Wealth-X estimates that in 2018 the Prince’s net worth will be at least $25 million (£18 million). Almost enough for a parking space in London.

Harry also earns a private income through the money he receives for official royal obligations. This comes from private estate The Duchy of Cornwall, which has funded the activities of the entire royal family since 1337.

Harry and his brother William were left a trust by their mother Princess Diana before she died, which is thought to be around £10 million each. The Princes received their share on their 30th birthdays but were allowed to live off of the investment income (which Forbes estimates at $450,000 - £332,000 - per year) until then. The Washington Post reports that Harry also shares a £3.5 million allowance with William and Kate. In addition to cash, the brothers received a number of Diana’s dresses, jewellery, and documents that she owned. During Harry’s ten years’ service in the British Royal Air Force, he earned an income of $50,000 a year before retiring in 2015.

Although Harry and Meghan are leaving their careers behind to focus solely on charity work, together they are set to be a financial powerhouse. There’s one catch: if the couple chooses to combine their finances they could come a cropper when it comes to paying tax. Although Meghan intends to become a UK citizen after the wedding, this can take up to two years (if subject to the usual red tape), and if she remains an American taxpayer as she becomes part of the royal family it would place the royal finances under a pinch of scrutiny.

That said, the famous duo won’t be short of a top-class adviser or two, which makes any drama fairly unlikely. If we were to put a figure on it, their combined worth comes to well over £20 million, or 143,000 12” pizzas – note there's more pizza in one 18” large than two 12” mediums so this would be a royally irresponsible purchase. The value of a happy marriage? Priceless.

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