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We've just launched a new referral scheme here at Tandem, and you can read all the good bits and technical bits in this very blog post.

Loving your Tandem card? Tell your friends about it and get rewards for helping us grow with our new referral program.

Why a referral program?

It's our aim to help everyone live a better life with money, one of the ways we do this is by delivering products that are as good value as possible. Another is by keeping marketing costs as low as we can, so we can pass more value onto you.

One of the ways we can grow whilst not splurging the marketing £££s is to do it through word of mouth. So, we've just launched a program to make that easier AND worth your (very brief) time.

And what do you get from it?

Apart from the slightly smug feeling of being what we in marketing would call an "early adopter", you might also experience a warm fuzzy feeling from helping us to grow.

Learning to say no

And, as thank you for doing so, we'll give you rewards. Right now, that's Amazon vouchers, but we’ll be testing different incentives to learn what interests you the most. In future, we’re hoping to give actual cashback right onto your Tandem credit card.

The juicy details

As with all promotions, there are terms and conditions. They're designed to make the scheme fair for all customers (and keep our Risk team happy).

The referrer and referred friend will both get rewards when the referee gets a Tandem card. Here's a summary of the main terms:

  • The referrer must be a Tandem Credit Card customer already
  • The referred friend needs to be a new customer to Tandem and over the age of 18
  • The referred friend will need to pass our credit checks and identification checks to get the Tandem Credit Card. And they'll need to activate and make at least one transaction on the card

You can see the full list of T&Cs here

If you've already got a Tandem card and you want rewards for referring your friends

You can tell your friends to give us your name when they apply for a card.

Or you can head here to generate a specific referral link to share with your friends.

If you've not got a Tandem credit card yet but you're interested in the card and rewards for being referred

If you don't have a Tandem card yet, you can head here to learn more about it and decide if it’s right for you. 18.9% APR representative, variable.

If you do apply, look out for the "been referred by a friend?" link at the bottom of the first page and just tell us which of your friends recommended Tandem to you.

Referred someone already and are wondering when you'll get your reward?

We wouldn't discuss the outcome of a credit card application with anyone except the applicant. So if your friend hasn't passed the eligibility criteria or not taken the credit card for any reason, we wouldn't be able to confirm this for you, as the referrer.

But if your friend has applied using your name or referral link and passed the above eligibility terms, we’ll email you both your rewards within 15 days. This is to allow them the opportunity to cancel within the 14-day cooling off period if they change their mind about the Tandem card.

Got more questions?

You can chat with us online or in-app, email us at, or give us a call at 0203 370 0970. We're always happy to help.


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