Some Good Things That Have Happened

It's not all bad. Here are our favourite things that have happened lately.

It's been an pretty difficult time for everyone around the globe recently.

However, during a time of uncertainty and worry the very best parts of human nature present themselves with incredible acts of kindness going on around the world.

Here are a few of our favourite moments:

Captain Tom Captain Tom Moore has undoubtedly been a shining light throughout this time. Captain Tom set himself the challenge to walk 100 laps of his garden before his 100th birthday on the 30th April and try and raise money for the NHS whilst doing it. Tom captured the hearts and minds of the nation and, at time of writing, has raised a massive £32,796,275 for NHS charities. He has also been made a Colonel and inspired all of us to do our bit as well.

P.E with Joe Wicks Fitness guru Joe Wicks has become the nation's PE teacher and is getting kids, and a lot of adults, moving at 9am every weekday on his YouTube channel. These PE classes last 30 minutes and are helping to bring some structure to families who are homeschooling. Exercise has also been proven to help with our mental health, and during a time of uncertainty like this it is even more important to keep active.

Clap for Carers Our Thursday evenings will arguably never be the same again. At 8pm the nation comes together on doorsteps, balconies and hanging out of windows to clap for our front line staff who are fighting to look after us all. Emotional scenes from up and down the UK have been shared on social media and remind us that although lockdown is tough, there are people risking their lives so that we can be safe.

Blue post boxes for NHS As another thank you to our NHS, a number of post boxes have been painted blue. The post boxes also have ‘thank you NHS’ written in white as another token of appreciation from families across the UK. There are currently five across the UK with one in Cardiff, another near St Thomas hospital in London, Manchester, Edinburgh and Belfast.

Giving our planet a rest With most travel banned and people staying inside across the globe, the planet has been given a chance to rest and reset. In Venice fish and swans have been spotted in the canals because the water is so clear and locals in the Punjab region of India have been able to see the Himalayas for the first time in decades due to reduced pollution. Air pollution is said to have dropped by over 40% in major UK cities.

Star studded teachers The BBC decided to lend parents and guardians a helping hand with homeschooling after the Easter holidays. Sir David Attenborough was enlisted to teach our children about Geography with a focus on animals and oceans. Professor Brian Cox will be teaching science and footballer Sergio Ageurio is teaching young children how to count in Spanish - asombroso!

One World, Together At Home concert More famous faces came together to entertain the globe with the virtual concert ‘One World, Together At Home’. Organised by Global Citizen, Lady Gaga and the WHO, singers such as John Legend, Tom Jones and Little Mix entertained the world and raised a huge amount of money. The concert was broadcast to the UK via the BBC and performances were interspersed with personal stories featuring front line workers and families saying thank you.

Doctors wear photos of themselves smiling to ease patients stress And just when we thought our doctors and nurses couldn’t get any better, they started wearing photos of themselves smiling over their PPE to ease patients' stress. This gesture means that patients who aren’t allowed to have family or friends visiting them, have some sense of human contact and feel less isolated.

Rainbow drawings If you’ve been going out on your daily walk or run, it is likely you will have seen drawings of rainbows taped to windows. Children all across the UK have been drawing rainbows to spread hope during this time, particularly to key workers.

The Queen’s speech to the nation The Queen has always held a special part in the nation’s hearts. In a rare move, one that she has only done four times, the Queen delivered a speech to the nation. At a time when families were losing loved one, people were losing their jobs, and children weren’t able to go to school and see their teachers and friends, Queen Elizabeth’s rallying speech moved many of us and was watched by 24 million people.

“We should take comfort that while we may have more still to endure, better days will return: we will be with our friends again; we will be with our families again; we will meet again” - Queen Elizabeth.

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