Tandem Cats: Bea Thirsk

Meet the Legal Intern: Bea Thirsk

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You might be familiar with one of the most successful animated series from the ’80s: ThunderCats. Their mission was to flee their home world to find the legendary mystic Sword of Omens that holds the Eye of Thundera, the source of their power.

We believe everyone has a superpower, so we’ve been inspired by the ThunderCats to create the Tandem-Cats, a blog series dedicated to telling the story behind each of our team members, shedding light on Tandem’s talents’ expertise.

Every week we get together at Marketing Press corner to interview one of our nominated team members, where we find out about their superpower and how they work their magic on a daily basis at Tandem HQ.

Meet the legal Intern: Bea Thirsk

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Marie: What led you to become a legal intern at Tandem?

Bea: I really wanted to work somewhere this summer where I could learn a lot and have real impact. Tandem stood out to me as it offered such opportunities, in part because of the legal environment surrounding challenger banks, where the easing of financial regulations has facilitated entrepreneurship, as well as because of the collaborative and dynamic working environment. Working in such a booming industry and engaging company allows for interesting and innovative work, which I knew would not only develop key skills but also allowed me to get involved in real life fast-paced problem solving.

Marie: We heard you’ve assisted an influencer marketing campaign with legal advice, how do you see the role of compliance on social media financial promotions nowadays?

Bea: There is a lot more transparency. The existence of non-traditional influencer advertising created a lot of uncertainty about how to advertise appropriately. As a result, it could be unclear which social media posts were adverts and which were just recommendations. Now, the ASA and FCA have put a lot more responsibility on advertisers to make it clear to the consumer when something is a paid partnership, as well as including relevant financial risk warnings, so as not to deceive consumers. So there is a lot more clarity for both the advertiser and the consumer in what constitutes as an advertisement..

Marie: In your own words, what's the role legal plays in Tandem as a bank?

Bea: Legal infiltrates into most parts of the business. All departments do work which is capable of having legal implications, so its role is very wide in scope. This has been one of the great things about my internship as there really is no boundary in what work I might end up doing. Also, given that Tandem is regulated by the FCA and PRA, legal plays an important role in keeping the bank compliant.

Marie: How unique is Tandem when compared to the main challenger banks?

Bea: Tandem is unique because we place the customer first, all our products are designed wholly with the customer in mind. It is also different to other challenger banks because we offer the consumer a diverse array of different financial products. This equates us more to a full-service bank, unlike other challenger banks which focus on one product.

Marie: If you could choose a product/service you like the most within our financial solutions, what would be and why?

Bea: Definitely Autosavings! It makes saving so easy and effortless as the money is put away without you even having to think about it.

Marie: Tandem can be a very playful and outgoing place to work, how would you define the brand culture?

Bea: Everyone here is so friendly and it is a very collaborative environment. It is also a lot of fun with weekly socials, and there is a big emphasis on inclusivity and diversity which they promote through various events.

Marie: I know you've been working for Tandem for a few months now, would you be able to tell me what the main highlight of your journey so far has been?

Bea: Apart from all the people I’ve met, I would say the diverse and innovative projects I have been able to work on has definitely been a highlight. The fast-paced environment at Tandem has meant that I have worked on a really broad range of things throughout my three months. This has developed my skills and allowed me to learn a lot.

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