Three ways to use your commute to buff up your budget


The best way to keep your finances in check is to spend less. Why don’t you walk or cycle to work? My thirty-minute bus journey from home to the office costs £1.50, that can really add up (to over £760 a year). But I can easily run the journey in about the same amount of time (and avoid sitting in traffic). Doing so just two times a week saves me over £150 a year. Enough for some new trainers, a Spotify subscription, and maybe a little bit into my savings account too. If you’re not close enough to get there on foot, why not consider cycling or even car-pooling and splitting the cost with a colleague?


Okay, so what about those other days when you’re mindlessly scrolling through your Instagram feed? Why not turn your commute into a neat 30 minute money making session and add a bit of cash to your back pocket by taking online surveys? There’s a bunch of apps where you can take market surveys where you’ll answer questions about products you use and why you like them. In return you’ll gather rewards, like supermarket vouchers, clothing store discount codes, and even cold hard cash.


Being aware of where you’re at with your spending is the best way to keep yourself to your budget. Each morning, check your accounts so you know what’s going on and you can catch any sneaky transactions you weren’t prepared for. The Tandem App is a great tool to do this because you can connect all your accounts and see them all in one place. No need to load up three different apps to check on your current, credit, and savings accounts.

Now, go get back out there and take back your commute. Time that you’d spend flicking through your phone (like you may be doing right now) or staring out the window at a one-legged pigeon is basically free time. Let’s make it work for you.

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