Working From Home In Tandem

Working from home? Check out the Tandem guide for our top tips and tactics.

As The People Team, our most important role here at Tandem is to create and nurture an environment and a culture where people can bring their authentic self to work every day and feel that they belong.

Never has it been more important to ensure all our employees live our core value ‘together’ and have the tools and resources they need to continue to deliver for our customers. So our focus over the last two months was to identify ways to keep our employees informed, connected, supported, engaged and motivated.

One of the resources we have made available internally is a Working From Home Guide. We canvassed opinions, asked our team to share their personal experiences, and gathered tips and pointers on how to work at home effectively, productively, safely and healthily from all corners of the internet.

We were overwhelmed by the response and we were proud to see so many of our employees pull together and contribute. We've even created a Slack channel for a virtual kitchen where we can start the day catching up over coffee. The guide has gone down so well that we’ve decided to make it available to the rest of the world so that others can hopefully benefit too.

On top of the WFH guide, we've also made another Tandem tradition available for everyone to try out - Well Being Bingo (or Wellbeingo depending on how punny you are). It's Stress Awareness Month throughout April so the aim of the game is to cross off as many tasks as you can before the month is through.

You can find the Working From Home guide and Well Being Bingo below!

Tandem WFH Guide

Well Being Bingo

Take care!

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