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Here you can find answers to frequently asked Instant Access Saver questions

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How does an Instant Access Saver account work?

An Instant Access Saver is an account that will pay interest monthly on the money you put in. You can save as little or as much as you want up to £250,000. You can withdraw money, and pay money in, whenever you want.

Can I transfer money in from a bank account other than my connected account?

No, we can only accept money from a bank account that we have verified as belonging to you. We will return any money sent from accounts that haven’t been verified.

If you wish to transfer funds from a different account, select “Connect a new current account” through the “Pay in via Open Banking” screen in the app. Once we’ve verified this new account you can transfer money.

If you need more assistance with connecting another account, please call us on 0203 370 0970.

Where do I find the sort code and account number of my Saver account?

To find your sort code and account number for your Instant Access Saver, simply visit the app, click on your account and then select the information icon to access your account details.

Can I have more than one Instant Access Saver account?

No, you can only have one Instant Saver account.

Why can’t I fund my Instant Access Saver from an overseas current account?

We are only able to accept money transferred from a verified UK bank account. This provides fraud protection for both Tandem and you.