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While apps for budgeting are common, Tandem's chief customer officer Ruth Handcock told City A.M. Tandem's app is designed to engage users with their finances and encourage them to take action, with the goal of changing behaviour and habits rather than simply showing people where their money goes.

“Most singletons know that serious and too-personal topics such as overdrafts and credit ratings are off-limits on a first date - but how would you react if a would-be lover asked you?

The retail bank planning to offer its services through a mobile phone app outlined the scale of its ambitions yesterday after confirming plans to raise up to £1 million this week in a crowdfunding offering.

When you're trying to order a plate of fish and chips, you wouldn't expect to have to provide the first line of your address. If your local pub happened to be run by a bank, though — well, then it might be a different story.

Tandem, named because it works "in partnership with customers", vows to start the [banking] revolution.

We want to build a bank that challenges this model by putting our customers' interests first and by working in Tandem with them as their partner in money.

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