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Can I update my personal details in the Tandem App?

At the moment, you can’t update your personal details (like your address) via the app. To do so, please call 020 3770 0970 and we’d be happy to help.

How do I log in to the Tandem app?

If you are already a customer with Tandem, click on “Already in Tandem? Log In” towards the bottom of your screen. Enter your mobile number and we’ll send you a text message with a code to log in.

After that, provided you have biometrics enabled on your device, you will be able to log back in using that method each time. Occasionally you will still be asked to enter your mobile number to receive a log-in code again for security reasons.

If you aren’t already a customer, click on “Create a profile” to register with Tandem and open an account.

Can I view my Tandem savings account on any devices other than my smart phone?

We recommend that you use our app on your smart phone, which it is designed and optimised for.

You can view your account through the Tandem app on a tablet if you prefer, although you may experience a few glitches.