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We're building a good bank

When it comes to people's relationship with money, something isn't clicking. Money should be a tool to do amazing stuff with. But too often, it feels difficult to use.

We're changing that and starting something new. Where our hard-earned cash works for us. And everyone can have a better, happier life with money.

Why can't you track your finances like your fitness?

Steve, Co-Founder #27, told us that he loves his Fitbit and how tracking his steps helps him get fitter, faster. And we found that 6.1 million people in the UK are using wearables like Steve.

So we're looking at ideas for how we can make our app motivate you in a similar way, helping you to spot opportunities to save and grow what you have.

Stay on top of your spending

Tasha, Co-Founder #428, told us that she often blows her holiday budget because of hidden fees and confusing exchange rates. And with brits enjoying over 60 million trips abroad every year, we can't help but think Tasha isn't alone.

So we're looking at ideas for how our app can keep you on top of your spending.

Save money for the big things

Tim, Co-Founder #233, told us that scraping together his rental deposit means a month of eating soup. And we found that 87% of people we asked identified with his story.

So we're looking at ways to help you save for life’s big events and expenses in a quick and simple way.


Join in with 10,160 of us

Tandem is a bank built together with its customers. No us and them. No big bank and little me. We’re all on the same team believing everyone deserves a better life with money.

Want early access to our app? Keen to actually help shape our services? Join our community of thousands. No cost, no commitment.