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Navigating financial difficulties together

Carousel: Hands offering comfort, man pensive amid financial challenges, compassionate customer support, and a patient's struggle with loan repayments due to illness.

Reasons you may need support

Money worries


Reduction in income

Illness or injury

Job loss

Other major life event


Before you get in touch

A young man, visibly affected by financial hardship, sits at his dining table, poised with pen and paper, preparing to reach out to Tandem regarding his current financial challenges impacting his loan repayments.
A young man diligently collects details about his loan, balances, and a budget planner, preparing to speak with a Tandem customer support representative regarding his financial situation.
A thoughtful young man examines a sheet of paper adorned with questions he's penned, preparing to seek guidance from a Tandem customer support agent regarding his loan repayment options.
A young man, on his smartphone, calls a Tandem representative to discuss his financial challenges and enquire about potential options to manage and repay his outstanding loan.

Grab a pen

Note down any specific financial difficulties or challenges you are facing and be prepared to discuss them openly – we’re here to help!

Gather your info

Be ready to share information about any outstanding debts or loans you have and the outstanding balances. It may be helpful if you complete a budget planner including details of your income and your expenditure. You can find a budget planner template on the Money Helper website.

Prepare any questions

Jot down any questions or concerns you may have about your financial situation and the support options available.

Get yourself settled

Finally, find a quiet and comfortable space for the call, where you can speak openly and without distractions.


What to expect from us

An eager and supportive young customer support professional, equipped with a headset, ready and attentive to assist callers facing financial difficulties.
A customer support representative engaging in a detailed discussion with a customer, attentively addressing their situation and needs.
The support representative diligently takes notes while discussing the customer's situation, actively exploring and presenting available options for their consideration.
The support representative carefully notes down essential details about the customer's preferred next steps regarding their loan.
The supportive representative smiles warmly as she bids farewell to the customer, ensuring a positive conclusion to their interaction.

Meet our team

Let's start by having a friendly chat about your current circumstances to understand your financial challenges better.

Discuss your situation

We'll take a look at your income, expenses, and any debts you may have.

Explore your options

Together, we'll explore a range of potential solutions that could work for you, including options like a one-month breathing space or a reduced payment arrangement if you are eligible.

Talk next steps

Once we figure out the best path forward, we'll guide you through the next steps.

Explore extra support

If you'd like, we can also introduce you to some independent debt organisations for free advice; just let us know during our conversation.


Get in touch today

Important to know: Your credit file will not be impacted by simply contacting us to discuss any financial difficulties you are facing.

Open times

Mon - Fri, 9.00 - 17.00
(excluding bank holidays)

Open times

Mon - Thu, 8.00 - 19.00
Friday, 8.00 - 17.30
(excluding bank holidays)

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Personal Loans

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Further support needed?

In addition to speaking with us, there are a number of free debt advice agencies who may be able to help you. They are experts in assisting those facing financial challenges, offering confidential and impartial advice at no cost. Sometimes they can provide options beyond what we can do.

Breathing Space

Have you considered Breathing Space?

Breathing Space, officially called the Debt Respite Scheme, is a government initiative to protect and support individuals with debt. It provides a temporary period of relief from creditor actions, allowing you time to regain control of your financial situation.

Additional mortgage support

Explore the free government-backed Money Helper booklet, for extra assistance with your mortgage concerns.

Download booklet
Two hands hold up a copy of the Money Helper booklet, which is available virtually online, serving as a valuable resource for assistance with mortgage concerns.

Additional mortgage support

Explore the free government-backed Money Helper booklet, for extra assistance with your mortgage concerns.

Download booklet