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What is a Greener Home Improvement Loan?

A Greener Home Improvement Loan can help you finance upgrades that could lower your energy consumption and enhance the comfort of your home. From new windows to solar panels, we could help make your home cozier, more eco-friendly, and potentially more cost-effective to run.

Explore ways to make your home greener

With the rising cost of utility bills, there’s never been a better time to make greener choices to power and heat your home. Explore these energy saving products that could help reduce your rising bills and your carbon footprint.

If the UK is to hit net zero by 2050, almost all of our 29 million homes need to be made more energy efficient.

Source: Green Gap Report, Tandem.

The potential benefits of retrofitting your home

When you retrofit your home, you're essentially making upgrades to help boost its energy efficiency. These improvements can bring countless benefits, to both the planet and your wallet.
With the help of our Tandem  Savers, we’ve already financed over £288 million in greener home improvement loans
The exterior of a classic orange brick UK house showcases solar panels adorning the roof, a clear enhancement to the household's energy efficiency, resulting in significantly reduced bills.

Greener living tips and tricks