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Finance for Greener Motoring

To meet the UK's Net Zero target by 2050, we’re helping car buyers finance lower emission vehicles through an approved network of partners.

Hire Purchase finance
Fixed, monthly repayments
Via approved dealers and specialist brokers

Existing Customers

If you hold an existing Tandem Motor Finance agreement, you can view your loan and make payments directly in your account.

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Why choose Tandem Motor Finance? 

If you’re looking for a newer used car but don't have the cash to buy it outright, we offer Hire Purchase (HP) finance, which is a straightforward method that has been helping people to buy cars for many years.
A man smiling and holding car keys inside a dealership after purchasing a car using Tandem Motor Finance.
Man charging a yellow electric vehicle purchased with a Tandem motor finance loan.
A car salesman using a digital tablet while talking about Tandem Motor Finance to a young couple looking to purchase a new lower emission car on finance.
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Hire purchase

With Hire Purchase (HP) finance, you essentially hire the car until you’ve paid off the loan, meaning you can drive away right away and repay over time.

Monthly repayments

You’ll put down an initial deposit, followed by fixed monthly payments for a fixed period of time, so you always know what’s owed and when.

Broad lending criteria

Hire Purchase finance can be easier to get than other types of loans, because you technically hire the car, rather than purchase it outright. 

Fixed interest rate

Once your finance is approved, your interest rate is set to reflect your credit score and is locked in so you’ll know upfront what interest is owed.

Trusted advice

Tandem Motor Finance is only available through our network of approved dealers or specialist brokers, so if they recommend us to you, you can trust it’s a good deal.

Consumer protection

As Tandem technically owns the car whilst you’re paying if off, we are legally responsible if there are any problems with it, that are not caused by you.

A commission will be paid to the broker who introduced you to us in connection with this agreement. The commission paid does not impact the terms, interest rate or repayment amounts stated within the agreement. Please contact them for further details. In certain circumstances they are required to give you information about the nature of any such commission arrangements.

Best ESG Initiative of the Year Finalist 2023

Exemplary Commitment in B2C Funding 2024

Company Award for Sustainability  2024

Best Independent Lender  2024

How it works

Drive away with Tandem

Tandem Motor Finance is offered by approved motor dealers and specialist brokers across the UK, who are all authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).
Steering towards a greener future
At Tandem, we're supporting customers transition to lower emission and planet-friendly vehicles.
The transport sector produces over 25% of the UK’s total greenhouse gas emissions.
By 2035
The government has mapped out a plan for the sale of all new petrol and diesel cars to end.
By 2050
The UK has pledged to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions to net zero.
The transport sector produces over 25% of the UK’s total greenhouse gas emissions.
By 2030
The government has mapped out a plan for the sale of all new petrol and diesel cars to end.
By 2035
The next phase of the plan means all new vehicles must be carbon-neutral at the exhaust pipe. 
Our response 
Climate change is real and there's no point pretending 'going green' is easy. It isn't.  Used petrol and diesel cars may still be allowed on UK roads until 2050, but our job is to change that and help those searching for a lower emission and greener option - making it work in tandem with people's real lives.
Greener options

So, what are greener cars?

There are lots of choices out there to suit your budget. Consider these options to help reduce your carbon footprint and improve air quality for generations to come.

Battery electric vehicles (BEV)

As green as you get. With zero tailpipe emission, making the switch to a used electric vehicle is the most environmentally-friendly choice. Not only are they better for the environment, but running costs, including maintenance and road fund licence costs, are typically cheaper than petrol or diesel cars.

A light blue battery electric vehicle being charged.
Hybrid vehicles

Hybrid electric vehicles are powered by a petrol or diesel engine and one or more electric motors, which use energy stored in batteries. They consume less fuel and emit less CO2 than a conventional petrol or diesel-engine vehicle, making them a greener option, that can also save you money on fuel. 

A hybrid vehicle's power button being pressed by the owner.
Lower emission vehicles

If you're not yet ready to make the switch to an electric or hybrid vehicle, switching to a newer used car can be more efficient and reduce your fuel bill and your carbon emissions.  Vehicles meeting the latest "Euro 6" standard emit less other emissions including nitrogen oxides (NOx) and particulates (PM10) and will also allow you to drive in Clean Air Zones.

Close-up behind a sleek, low-emission black car, with a blurred background revealing congested traffic on a highway.

Transport produces over 1/4 of the UK’s total greenhouse gas emissions, making it the largest emitting sector.

Source: Department for Transport

What are the benefits of driving greener?


Got a question?

Find answers to our most common questions when it comes to saving with Tandem. Or head to our dedicated FAQ page to find out more.
How do I know if my car is ULEZ or CAZ compliant?

Petrol cars must meet Euro 4 emissions standards to be ULEZ compliant. Most, if not all, petrol cars registered since January 2006 meet these standards.

Petrol cars that meet Euro 5 and Euro 6 standards are also exempt from paying charges.

Diesel cars must meet Euro 6 standards to be ULEZ compliant. Almost every diesel car registered since September 2015 meets these standards, though some earlier models do too (you can find some ULEZ compliant diesel cars going back to 2012).

Hybrid cars must meet the same standard as petrol or diesel cars, to be ULEZ compliant. So, petrol hybrids (the most common type) must meet Euro 4 standards, and diesel hybrids must meet Euro 6 standards.

All electric cars are ULEZ compliant, as they produce zero tailpipe emissions.

What is a ULEZ or CAZ?

To improve air quality in highly polluted urban areas, some local authorities are introducing clean air zones (CAZ), also known as low emission zones (LEZ), to the UK.

If your car exceeds the emissions standards set for the zone, you may have to pay a charge to enter. London’s Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) is an existing example of how this might work. ULEZ currently has the strictest emissions standards, so if a car is ULEZ compliant, it should be compliant for clean air zones elsewhere.

How can I check the emissions of a vehicle?

You can find CO2 emissions and tax bands for new and used cars registered after March 1st 2001, by entering their details on the Vehicle Certification Agency (VCA) website or by contacting the manufacturer.

What is a lower emission vehicle?

Typically, the lowest emission cars are Battery Electric Vehicles, followed by hybrid vehicles and then Euro 6 petrol/diesel cars, which improved on the Euro1 – 5 rated cars that preceded them.

Is my vehicle at risk if I can’t repay the loan?

If you are facing financial difficulties, your vehicle is not at risk – just contact us and we will work with you to find a way forward.

Will you accept joint applications?

No, we are unable to consider joint applications.

Can I change my payment date?

Yes, just contact our customer support team.

Can I apply directly through Tandem?

We offer finance exclusively through approved motor dealers and specialist brokers only. We cannot help finance vehicles purchased privately or directly from an auction.

Is the interest rate fixed?

Yes, we offer fixed interest rates only, so you’ll know exactly what interest is owed on your loan.

Can I settle my Tandem Motor Finance early?

Yes, just contact us and we will provide an early settlement figure.

Am I eligible to apply for Tandem Motor Finance?

Any UK resident aged 18 or over can apply for finance for cars that are up to 12 years old. You can apply through any of our approved motor dealers or specialist brokers. If your chosen dealer is not approved by Tandem, we may be able to add them to our growing portfolio of suppliers; ask them to contact us!

How does finance work on a car?

Car financing involves obtaining a loan from a lender to purchase a vehicle, which is then repaid over time with added interest and fees. You have the option to finance the entire car's cost or make a down payment and finance the remaining amount. Throughout the loan term, you'll make monthly payments to the lender until the debt is fully settled. During this period, the lender retains ownership of the car's title as collateral, and in the event of loan default, they have the right to repossess the vehicle.