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Fixed Saver

Make the most of your money by opening a Fixed Term Savings account. Choose a term that suits you and we'll lock in your rate for the full term.

No withdrawals during the term
14 days to fund your account
Guaranteed return over time
Your money is protected up to £85,000
We’re rated Excellent on Trustpilot
Best App Based Savings Provider

Fixed Saver Interest Rates

Got a lump sum you're happy to lock away? Choose the term and interest rate that best suits you, starting from 1 year.

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Read the summary box
Read the summary box
*AER stands for Annual Equivalent Rate and illustrates what the interest rate would be if interest was paid and compounded each year. This allows you to compare easily what return you can expect from your savings over time.*
The benefits

Could this be the right account for you?

With a Fixed Saver account, you're securing your savings and your return. Using our app, you can keep tabs on your money and watch how it’s tracking.
Competitive fixed rates

Your rate won't change, giving you a guaranteed return over an agreed term.

Perfect for lump sums

Earn more interest on a sum of money you’re happy to lock away for some time.

No withdrawals

Once locked, you won’t be able to withdraw your money until the end of the term.

Choose a term that suits

From 1 to 3 years. The more you lock away, the more interest you'll earn.

Apply online or in app

Everything happens in the app, but you can also apply online if you prefer.

On hand support

Our UK-based customer service team are available via live chat, phone or email.

How it works
Open a Fixed Saver in minutes
It really couldn't be easier. All you need is a compatible device and your UK current bank account details.
Prefer to apply online? 
If you’re opening a Fixed Saver, you can apply in the Tandem app as normal, or you can apply online. But once your account is up and running, you will need to download the Tandem app to watch your savings grow.
You're in safe hands

We’re a fully regulated UK bank so you can rest easy knowing that your money is protected, up to £85,000 by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS), the UK’s deposit guarantee scheme.

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Awards and reviews

Trusted by more and more people, wanting to make a difference

We’re rated Excellent on Trustpilot
120,000+ Tandem App downloads
Best App Based Savings Provider

Got a question?

Find answers to our most common questions when it comes to saving with Tandem. Or head to our dedicated FAQ page to find out more.
Can I add more money or take money out of my Fixed Saver once the funds are locked in?

Once you’ve finished funding your account and it’s locked in, you will no longer be able to add or withdraw funds for the duration of your term, until your account matures. Once your account matures you will have the option to either reinvest or withdraw your funds.

Any deposits that you make that exceed the maximum balance of £2,500,000, or deposits made after the funding window has ended, will be returned to the account you made payments from.

What should I do when I’ve finished adding funds to my Fixed Saver?

Once your 14-day funding window expires, your account will automatically lock and you will no longer be able to add funds. If you finish adding funds before your window expires, you can also choose to manually lock your account early. Once you’ve locked the account in your app, this cannot be undone.

How long do I have to fund my Fixed Saver, once I’ve opened an account?

Once you have opened your new Fixed Saver, you will have 14 days to fund your account, during which time you can add funds as many times as you like. Once your 14-day window has passed, your account will be locked and you will no longer be able to add or withdraw funds, until your term has ended.

Why can’t I fund my Fixed Saver from an overseas current account?

We are only able to accept money transferred from a verified UK bank account. This provides fraud protection for both Tandem and you.

Is there a limit to how many Fixed Saver accounts I can have?

There is no limit to the number of Fixed Saver accounts that you can open, or have open, at any one time.

Where do I find the sort code and account number of my Fixed Saver account?

Simply open the app, tap on your Fixed Saver account and then select the ‘Info’ icon to access your account details.

How will you notify me that my Fixed Saver is reaching the end of its term and is going to mature?

Depending on your contact preferences, we will contact you via email or letter 30 days before your account matures, to ask you what you’d like to do with your savings. Once you’ve decided, you can share your instructions via the Tandem app.

We will be in touch again 14 days before your account matures to remind you that your account is maturing. This reminder is a mandatory communication that we have to send you, and will still be sent regardless of whether you’ve already told us what you’d like to do with your Fixed Saver when it matures.

Can I transfer money in from a bank account other than my connected account?

No, we can only accept money from a bank account that we have verified as belonging to you. We will return any money sent from accounts that haven’t been verified.

If you wish to transfer funds from a different account, select ‘Connect a new current account’ through the ‘Pay in via Open Banking’ screen in the app. Once we’ve verified this new account, you can then transfer money.

If you need more assistance with connecting another account, feel free to use our in-app chat or call 0203370 0970 and we’d be happy to help.

Remember,any deposits from additional current accounts must be made within your 14 day funding window, before your account is locked.

How does a Fixed Saver account work?

A Fixed Saver is an account that you open for a certain period of time (the “term” of the account) where you can’t take your money out, or add any more money in, until the end of the term.

You have a 14-day window to fund your account after opening, during which you will be able to make as many deposits as you like.After the 14-day window, your account will be locked, and you will not be able to access your funds until your account reaches the end of its term.

In return, we offer competitive interest rates that reflect that you can’t take your money out during the term. Your interest rate will be fixed for the term of the account and interest is paid annually, and at the end of the term, into your connected bank account.