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Air source heat pumps

An air source heat pump could be the perfect solution for cutting the cost of keeping your home warm and cosy and reducing your carbon emissions. Their popularity is heating up too. Millions have been installed across Europe, including tens of thousands in homes throughout the UK.

Types of air source heat pumps

There are two main types of air source heat pumps: monobloc and split systems. Both do the same job in slightly different ways. These systems collect heat from the outside air and convert it into heating for your home.

Monobloc air source heat pumps

A monobloc air source heat pump system contains all the working parts in a single outdoor unit – “one block” as its name suggests. The pipes carry the water from the external unit to the central heating system, and to a hot water cylinder inside your home if you have one. Monobloc air source heat pumps are the quickest and cheapest to install, especially if space is limited.

Split air source heat pumps

Like it sounds, a split air source heat pump system splits its working parts between two units - one outside and one inside your home. Split systems cost slightly more and take up a bit more room, but they’re also more efficient than monobloc systems. Investing in a split system now can offer greater long term cost savings. Your installer can advise you if a split system is an option for your home.

Benefits of air source heat pumps

For you

  • Keep your home warm by feeding radiators or underfloor heating with hot water
  • Store heated water in a hot water cylinder for use in the shower, bath, sinks etc
  • Very energy efficient so that it could provide savings on your monthly bills
  • Some air source heat pumps can be used as air cooling systems

For the planet

  • Air source heat pumps work on electricity, making it a very low carbon choice
  • They can also run on renewable energy (e.g. solar) to reduce your carbon footprint further
  • Future-proof your home as the UK moves away from fossil fuel-based heating by the target date of 2035

Our air source heat pump installation partner

Whether you’re interested in a monobloc, a split system, or want to know more about each, our air source heat pump installation partner will help you find the perfect setup for your home.

Project Better Energy

The UK’s largest solar panel retailer, Project Better Energy supply and install market leading products, offering expert advice and peace-of-mind warranties. Their whole house approach combines Air source hot water cylinders, integrated solar roof tiles and power stores.

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