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Energy efficient boilers

Modern energy efficient boilers are a smarter, greener choice for several reasons. Since central heating and hot water typically account for over 50%* of a home’s energy bills each year, upgrading to a more energy efficient boiler could make a big difference.

Types of boiler

When it's time to upgrade, if your home uses gas oil heating, it's worth considering whether you want a system boiler or combi boiler.

Energy efficient system boilers

System boilers heat your home’s radiators but can also store hot water in a cylinder for use in your shower, bath and sinks. They heat water more efficiently than combi boilers, but the hot water cylinder loses some heat over time and takes up more space. However, a system boiler is a smarter, greener choice if you’re considering installing solar panels, as the cylinder can store hot water from your solar system.

Energy efficient combi boilers

Depending on your home size and water usage, a combi boiler may be more efficient than a system boiler because it heats water as needed. In smaller homes with fewer residents, a system boiler cylinder can lose heat over time as water sits waiting to be used. A combi boiler is also better if you don’t have room for a cylinder or if you know you can’t install solar panels - which work best with a system boiler.

Benefits of modern energy efficient boilers

For you

  • System boilers with hot water cylinders are most efficient for larger homes and families and can store hot water from solar energy and air source heat pumps
  • Combi boilers provide hot water on demand for smaller homes with no room for a cylinder
  • Potential savings on heating and hot water bills

For the planet

  • Energy efficient boilers have a smaller carbon footprint than older boilers and need less fuel to run than older, less efficient models
  • The UK government is looking to prevent fossil fuel boilers from being installed in new-build properties from 2025, with a potential ban on installation in existing homes planned for 2035

Our energy efficient boiler installation partner

Whether you’re interested in a system boiler or a combi boiler, our partner will help you find the best option for your home’s heating. You should always check the suitability of your plumbing system before deciding on a boiler system.

British Gas

British Gas are the UK’s leading installer of boilers and have been offering their services for 50 years. Choose from over 120 boilers, all manufactured by leading brands.

Sustainable inspiration

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