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Solar panels

With energy prices going through the roof, solar panels are one of the most popular greener choices being made by people in the UK today. Solar panels allow you to harness the sun's power to make your home more energy efficient and significantly reduce your monthly energy bills.

Two workers installing solar panels on the roof

Types of solar panel

There are two main types of solar panel, known as Solar PV and Solar Thermal systems. Each has its own unique way of converting sunlight into useful energy for your home, and saving you money in the process.

Solar PV panels

Solar PV panels (photovoltaic) convert light energy from the sun into electrical energy via an inverter. This electricity can then be used immediately, or stored to use later if you have a battery installed at your home.

Solar thermal panels

Solar thermal panels absorb heat energy from the sun and use it to heat hot water for your home. This hot water can then be held in a hot water tank and used for central heating, washing-up, showering etc. throughout the day.

Benefits of solar

For you

  • Lower electricity/heating bills, and once installed there are no running costs
  • Unused electricity can be sold back to the National Grid, potentially earning you income
  • Future-proof your home as the UK moves away from fossil fuel-based heating and electricity by the target of 2035

For the planet

  • Produce clean, renewable energy to lower your carbon emissions
  • On average, a typical solar system could save around 1 tonne of carbon a year*
  • Supports UK transition away from fossil fuels

Our solar partner

Whether you’re interested in Solar PV or Solar Thermal, or want to know more about both, our partner can help you find the perfect solar set-up for your home.

Project Better Energy

The UK’s largest solar panel retailer, Project Better Energy supply and install market leading products, offering expert advice and peace-of-mind warranties. Their whole house approach combines Air source hot water cylinders, integrated solar roof tiles and power stores.

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*Sources: Energy Saving Trust, April 2022