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Green Gap Monthly Tracker: February 2024

Intent Vs. Action: Fight against climate change

Based on our annual Green Gap report, Tandem collates data charting UK consumers' intentions to 'go green' over the following 12 months, and then tracks actual changes in behaviour over the same period.  This monthly tracker gives a snapshot for how the data is moving.

February's tracker shows a continued improving picture for UK – but while forecasts improve, action is still required.

Tandem Bank CEO, Alex Mollart, calls on Government to reinstate Energy Efficiency Taskforce or similar group to urgently formulate cross-body plan and provide confidence in UK’s transition to net zero.

I’m delighted the Green Gap is closing. However, on its current trajectory, there will still be a significant 22.4pt gap between UK consumers’ intentions and actual actions by October this year. More needs to be done. But it’s not just for consumers – the British public’s sincere ambitions and intentions to do the right thing by the planet have been ham-strung by continued confusing rhetoric from political parties, whether blue or red in colour. And with the worrying latest forecasts* suggesting the UK will miss its decarbonisation targets by 2030, it’s critical that our elected leaders take urgent action to correct their course."  

"We need a concrete plan from any government, one that balances ambition with feasibility and is underpinned by support. Government shouldn’t do that alone and should again look to utilise industry expertise. A cross industry group is required to develop and re-establishing the Energy Efficiency Taskforce or similar is the way to do it. We know from our customers that people really do care about climate change and want to do their bit, whether that’s taking out a loan for green home improvements or saving ethically. It’s incumbent on decision-makers to do whatever they can to set the right conditions to help people do the right thing.

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