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Green Gap Monthly Tracker: June 2024

Intent vs action in the fight against climate change

Green-focussed fintech makes rallying call for home decarbonisation ahead of election

Tracker shows consumers’ commitment to sustainability deteriorates for fifth straight month as we head into polling day


·       The gap in the UK’s intention to adopt a greener lifestyle and the actions taken has widened,deteriorating by 1.5pts in a month

·       Overall progress has ground almost to a complete halt, increasing just 0.1pts in June, compared to 0.7pts rise the previous month.  

Tandem, the UK’s greener digital bank, has today made a final pitch to the prospective Government to ensure the climate fight and reducing domestic carbon emissions remains a top priority following the polls closing on 4th July.

The call comes after Tandem has published the latest instalment of its Green Gap monthly tracker, which reveals that UK consumers are de-prioritising the fight against climate change, with the pace of action slowing as other more immediate issues take centre stage. The tracker tracks the gap between Brits’ intentions and action in the fight against climate change.

Tandem’s research has shown that while there remains appetite for consumers to do their part in reducing their carbon emissions, priority is given to immediate pressures such as the cost of living, while changing Government rhetoric and priority has also seen the de-prioritisation of the issue for UK consumers.

Tandem CEO, Alex Mollart, has therefore made a final rallying call to highlight the issue ahead of polling day to ensure it remains a priority for the new Government – helping UK consumers on their journey to transition, aiding them to make the steps they can, rather than expecting significant change overnight or with cliff edge targets.

Tandem is on a mission to fight climate change by providing support and expertise to customers on their journey to a greener lifestyle. Tandem believes highlighting the scale of the challenge for UK consumers to government influencers is an important part of its mission, encouraging collaboration to affect real change across the nation.


Green Gap Monthly Tracker

A meagre 0.1pt increase in overall action taken reflects a significant drop compared to previous months. Closing this gap by October 2024, in time for Tandem’s next annual survey, would require an improvement of 6.2pts per month – a near impossible feat on current trends.

Nevertheless, some positive change was recorded, with rail passenger journeys soaring over the course of the last year. In Q12024 alone, 405 million rail journeys were recorded, a 13% rise from 359million this time last year. Shifting to rail travel is a key step towards decarbonising transportation, which accounts for 26% of carbon emissions in the UK.

April 2024 also saw the highest number of solar panel installations, with over 15,000 units installed across the country. While these numbers reflect positive progress, they fall far short of what is necessary to meet the UK’s net zero commitments.

Tandem’s annual survey, published in October, showed cost to be the primary obstacle to making green changes for most consumers.


Commenting on the tracker Alex Mollart, CEO of Tandem Bank, said:

“As we head into the election, today’s data illustrates again the need for the new Government to ensure the fight against climate change remains a top priority.

“With our research showing a slowing for the fifth consecutive month, bridging the Gap will require an incredible acceleration in green actions by consumers – something highly unlikely with household budgets still under huge strain.

“We’ve had too many other pressures, along with mixed messages and priority from both parties. Consumers need a clear plan and support to have confidence in making the transition. But it won’t be done overnight.

We remain steadfast in our position that only a targeted system of Government support, aided and abetted by the innovative capacity of private industry, can put a real dent in this issue. We hope the next Government steps up and engages with us all in the industry from day one.”


Benefiting customers’ pockets and the planet, Tandem offers greener ways to save, borrow, spend and share. From low emission motor loans, to lending for greener home improvements, to EPC discount mortgages and savings, its products make it easier for more people to choose a greener lifestyle – helping save money, whilst reducing carbon footprints.

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