Oplo Takes Financial Education on the Road

We’ve been busy creating a financial education program to help empower the spenders, savers, budgeters and borrowers of tomorrow.

October 19, 2021

Help and Support

At Oplo, we’re passionate about responsible lending andmoney management. We want everyone, not just our customers, to know how tosave, spend, and borrow in ways that will help them fulfil their truepotential. And it all starts by making sure the next generation has thefinancial knowledge they’ll need to make informed decisions about the countlessfinancial products and services that will be available to them in life.

Financial Education for Sixth Formers

We’ve been busy creating a financial education program tohelp empower the spenders, savers, budgeters and borrowers of tomorrow. Usingthis program, Oplo will help introduce 16 to 18-year-olds to important parts offinance. This will help build their understanding of financial products andthink about what’s right for them as they navigate further studies and go offinto the working world.

Our dedicated Financial Educator, Andrew, will be kickingoff the programme with groups of sixth formers from schools in the Blackpool area,and later further afield. We’ve even commissioned a 16-seater bus to betransformed into a modern and immersive mobile learning hub, ready to take ontour across the North West.

The Oplo Financial Education Bus

Onboard the Oplo Bus, over the course of six engaging 30minsessions, Andrew will get the next generation thinking and talking about good habitsin money management, as well as the pros and cons of many of today’s financialproducts and services.

From the perspective of the schools’, our free of chargecourse removes the burden on teachers to research, fact check and lesson planaround this tricky topic.

Our goal is to make life easier for educators by offering areliable, comprehensive, and uncomplicated route to upskilling students as theyprepare to leave high school. And as a responsible educator, there will be absolutelyno promotion of Oplo’s products and services in any part of the learning experience.

Let’s Power the Potential of the Next Generation

We can’t wait to work with schools to provide a practicalfinancial education in a fun, inclusive and uncomplicated way. Helping youngadults go on to enjoy a happier, more fulfilling life, free from uncontrollabledebt and empowered by informed financial decision making.


If you’re an educational establishment and wouldlike further information, please email Andrew Hurst at andrew.hurst@myoplo.co.uk