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World EV Day – September 9th

World EV Day is a global celebration of the switch to EV transport and Tandem is joining the call for positive change.

September 9th is World EV Day, a global celebration of the switch to EV transport.

The global event has helped to mobilise close to 1 billion people - with mentions in the UK parliament and even celebrated by the White House's top climate advisor. For 2023, Tandem is joining the call for positive change.

As with all change, the move to EVs is often uncomfortable and mixed with misinformation. At Tandem, we’re committed to helping people switch to greener homes, transport and lifestyles. To be pragmatic, that might be one of two vehicle changes away for some people. Yes, we would like you to drive an EV, but if you switch to a greener car than your previous one, then we support and welcome your decision to start that transition.

The EV landscape is changing rapidly; ranges are increasing, charging access is improving, and so, thanks to legislation, is charger reliability, but there is more to do.

EVs have to earn consumers' trust; we will be there with our independent experiences to tell you how it is based upon our experiences and hard evidence. Tandem will continue to highlight EVs' benefits, together with 'myth busting' any misleading stories about EVS. To be authentic, we won't sugarcoat some of our own misgivings about EVs, and we do all of this as EV drivers in the hope that you  join us on our journey and and share your own experiences.

Find out more about our missions towards Greener Motor Finance here

Dave Briggs, MD, Tandem Motor Finance

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