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Loft and wall insulation

Energy efficient loft and wall insulation help stop energy bills and heat going through the roof. Insulation is a highly efficient way to reduce heat loss, carbon footprint, and bills. Best of all, when installed correctly, your wall and loft insulation could pay for itself many times over during its lifetime.

Types of insulation

There are many types of insulation for your home. The best option depends on several factors, including which part of your home you want to insulate and how your house was built.

Loft insulation

Installing loft insulation can have a huge and immediate impact on the warmth of your home and the cost of heating it. In an uninsulated home, around 25% of the heat escapes through the roof. If there’s easy access and no damp or condensation issues, installing loft insulation should be quick and straightforward. It’s also often far cheaper than some other green home improvements.

Wall insulation

Around 33% of all the heat lost from an uninsulated home escapes through the walls. The type of insulation you need also depends on whether you have cavity or solid walls. Most houses built after 1990 have some wall insulation, but if your home is older, it might not have any.

Cavity wall insulation

Cavity walls have two thinner walls with an air gap in between. This wall type came into use after 1920. It can usually be insulated easily, taking just a couple of hours for an average detached house. Professional installers will drill into your walls from outside and inject insulation into the cavities before resealing the wall.

Solid wall insulation

Solid walls have no air gap. They are typically thicker single walls and were common before 1920. They are insulated by adding insulation to the inside or the outside of your home. External insulation is more expensive, but you won’t lose any living space. It does cost more to insulate solid walls than cavity walls, but your energy savings should be greater so it will still pay for itself over time.

Benefits of wall and loft insulation

For you

  • Low cost option to improve the energy efficiency of your home
  • Wall and loft insulation can pay for itself many times over during its lifetime
  • Get a warmer home in as little as two hours with installation by trusted professionals
  • Installing insulation could save money on your annual energy bills

For the planet

  • Reduce heat loss from your home
  • Cut CO2 emissions by around 1300kg per year by adding loft insulation to an uninsulated detached home*
  • Cut CO2 emissions by around 1100kg per year by adding cavity wall insulation to an uninsulated detached home*
  • Cut CO2 emissions by around 1500kg per year by adding solid wall insulation to an uninsulated detached home*

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*Sources: Energy Saving Trust, 2022